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Nicky Vaux from Beaches Mollymook and Blue Mountains Girls Getaway
Nicky Vaux
At Beaches and Mountains Girls Getaways we like to think you’ll walk away with memories that you’ll hold forever. What of? Of a special time with your girlfriends, laughing, relaxing, exploring, eating and drinking. Spending quality time creates time for deep conversations, friendship therapy, walking with nature, savouring delicious food, enjoying the massage you’ve longed for for ages but never seem to get the time to have. Working, motherhood, home keeping, all the things you juggle every day can just for a moment take a back seat and you’ll return refreshed and ready to face it all again. We’ve had girls in tears not wanting to leave, girls that come back to us every year, girls that just love having a whole nights sleep. You can read more about us below but what you NEED to know is we do this because of you. Because of how we make you feel, because of how much we feel you deserve it. PLEASE - PUT YOURSELF FIRST, JUST FOR MOMENT, we promise you won’t regret it.

Blue Mountains Girls Getaways was the brainchild of Nicky Vaux and it remains very much her baby.


Nicky was trained in the UK completing a Degree in Hospitality and Catering Management. She’s been lucky enough to work in venues regarded at the pinnacle of their game including the Ritz in London, Grosvenor House in Park Lane and the Sydney Hilton. Later she completed a Beauty Therapy Diploma. Bringing all of her training and 5 Star experience down to a personal level in her own properties gives Nicky a great deal of pride in what she does. Her team are warm, welcoming yet professional.


To let you know a little more about what Blue Mountains Girls Getaways do and why, we’ve interviewed her below so you can find out a little more of the ethos and behaviour of this company.

Why the Blue Mountains & Mollymook?

The Blue Mountains is a very special place, as is Mollymook . Both are not only magnificently beautiful, but they entertain our girls with fabulous restaurants, cafes and boutiques. Both of these amazing parts of the world have an energy, an intangible feeling that makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Its a completely different feel to Sydney for both. The proximity to Sydney make them the perfect short break destination and since girls rarely have a lot of time up their sleeves to escape this is imperative.

What is the concept behind your business?

As a busy working Mum I know I miss out on regular catch ups with my girlfriends and I know how much it means to me when it does happen. Girlfriends are important – research has shown having a group of friends to spend time with is actually good for your health – that chat over a glass of wine together truly is therapy. I wanted to make quality time with your girlfriends as easy as possible to organise. I wanted to cater to as many budgets and time availabilities as possible and I tend to base the level of service on what I would expect. I love the finer things in life and I like to share that with others. I am lucky enough to stay in some very nice hotels and I like to observe and bring home ideas from them every time. In other words the concept is constantly evolving.

What do you love most about what you do?

We do nothing but make people feel happy – everyone knows how good that feels. There is nothing more satisfying than a note in the guest book or an email thanking you for making them feel better. I also love that I get to set my own standards - In how I take care of my team, in the quality of facilities I provide and in the little extras I can treat clients to. 

Lavender Majestic provide a full time member of staff to take care of guests. Why is this?

As a woman travelling to holiday houses myself I find every time I do I just end up doing all the same jobs at a different sink. I’m still clearing up after people, cooking, shopping, filling that dishwasher and laying the table. The concept of Lavender Majestic is that the girls get a TRUE break. They literally do not lift a finger unless they decide to cook lunch and dinner themselves. We cook breakfast for them, make and turn down their beds, serve their drinks and plate up their snacks they bring, clear the table, fill and empty that dishwasher and even hand them a robe as they exit the spa. Our girls leave feeling like a Princess and we love that.

You have a team you rely on heavily what are their talents?

Many of my team are family and I like to think the others feel like a member of the family too. I am lucky enough to have a longstanding team, many have worked with me for years and years. Our hosts at the Majestic are chosen for their warm, gentle, yet professional care, we say we try and anticipate a clients needs before they even know them. All of our therapists are talented and caring and our housekeeping team have attention to detail written all over them! We don’t just take on anyone that has done a massage course for therapists. We need to feel their energy and compassion towards their clients. I love working with my team and they are very precious to me.

What sort of client does Blue Mountains Girls Getaway cater for?

A huge range of people. From young girls to those finally getting some time off midweek. From Hen’s Celebrations to Annual Mothers Groups Catch ups. From friends travelling from all over the world to reunite to Mums that just NEED a good nights sleep or a few hours away from the kids. From girls celebrating their 40th to girls celebrating their 80th.  That’s the beauty of having such a small peronalised business – we can adapt and cater appropriately for each group.

What is the goal of Blue Mountains Girls Getaways?

We like to send our guests away with memories of some really wonderful times they will never forget – it’s our mission as it were.

We’d like to be known as THE BEST girls getaways venue in Australia.

We won the Best B&B in the Blue Mountains Award in 2013 but that’s just the industry recognizing what we do. What really matters is a girl going home to her friends and family and telling them about us in a positive and recommendatory manner – that’s what really counts and that’s what helps our business grow.